The world finest table lamb

Country of Origin: Australia

“WHITE STRIPE” lamb is premium pasture fed lamb sourced directly from the foothills of the Victorian ranges in South Eastern Austrlia. This region is recognized for its rich, fertile and productive land, Ideal for producing Australia’s finest quality lambs.

Our “Second Cross” lamb program has been developed over 15 years through specific breeding  programs and the crossing of the highest quality Bloodlines. Our lambs are specifically selected to ensure high muscle yield, consistent eating quality, tenderness and mild flavor profile that can only be associated with “WHITE STRIPE” lamb -  the world’s finest table lamb!

Why is “WHITE STRIPE” lamb so good?

  • 100% Second Cross Lamb, ensuring succulence and tenderness every time
  • Naturally raised without antibiotics, for a fresh and healthy taste
  • Naturally marbled on clean pastures for a fantastic flavor
  • No added hormones