Bay Sea Farms is an industry leader and is one of the largest mussel producers in Australia.

Country of Origin: Australia

It is committed to best practice methods for growing and harvesting the highest quality mussels, and proud to share its excellent Australian produce with its customers.

  • Bay Sea Farms’ hatchery at Queenscliff produces the world’s best quality spat – the seed stock for its Mt Martha
  • A consistent supply allows Bay Sea Farms to control the timing of the farming process to produce young, fast-grown mussels, with a clean appearance and a superb fresh taste.
  • Mussels are always harvested early in the morning, and Bay Sea Farms is vigilant in maintaining a consistent cold chain – absolutely vital to providing a premium seafood product.
  • Boat crews, harvesting and processing activities are all managed directly by Bay Sea Farms.

We provide quality live mussel from a pure natural environment